Sports Photography 101

If sports photography is where you are hoping to point your lens at, here are some tips to help you get started.

Sport Photography

Sport Photography

First of all, get to know the sport, the players, the stars and the kind of action that you are expecting. Then it is all about your position. Go early to survey the venue. Personally, I prefer standing on the side of the opposing team so I can get a great view of the expressions of the team that I am supporting during the match. Background is also vital so avoid a cluttered backdrop. However, a background with too many empty spectator seats does not look good either.


For settings, open your aperture at the widest. Shoot wide rather than close up at all times. I always shoot in burst mode, in RAW format so I bring a lot of memory cards. Vary your angles and position and do play with your settings.

While it is important to freeze the action in high speed mode, do try shooting at slow speed and panning for more cool effects. But do this only after you have taken all your safe shots.

Sea Games Hockey

During ball games, make sure the player’s hand is not blocking his or her face during action because facial expressions are important. The trick is to follow the ball to get your shots. Don’t just focus on the players, look for funny supporters or fans and unique features in the venue.

Sport Photography

Sport Photography

Sport photography is tricky but it can be fun and challenging. Have fun shooting!


All text and photos by Wisnu Haryo Yudhanto, Singapore Sport Photographer Copyright © 2015 | all rights reserved.

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