My Experience with Megapixels Monster – Canon 5Ds R Review

Recently, I got a chance to test out a 50.6 mega pixels monster camera; Canon EOS 5Ds-R. Yes, true, it is not just about megapixels. It’s about the size and quality of those pixels.

My testing of the camera is not about tech-specs or anything scientific. In fact I used the camera not under the cozy studio environment, but on some under construction MRT site that far from comfortable. Like many of you out there, maybe, I am an active working outdoor photographer. Not just sitting on the air-conditioned studio. I wonder if this will help my business and my work improve. So, below are some of the results of my initial testing with the camera.

Wow! 5Ds R did not disappoint me at all. As you can see in the image below. This was one of my shot that includes so many details in it. And the zoomed image is tack sharp and crystal clear.

Canon 5Ds R Review

If you are shooting high ISO – there is going to be noise. When you have that many megapixels, noise gets amplified. However, the 5Ds R performed much better in low light than I expected. Below are some images shot at ISO 3200, ambient light. There is always going to be noise, but I was pleasantly surprised at how useable the images were. And they prove it, there is no problem with 3.5 meters large printing as you can see below (yea that’s me on the right :p ).


If you are shooting in a studio and controlled subject and environment, this camera is going to make you like a boss. However, If you are a sport or wildlife photographer, this is where you are running into trouble. The 7D Mark II or 1D-X will suit you better. Working in diverse and uncontrolled lighting situations – you need speed. Gear should always enhance your ability to create a shot. It’s a tool.


Without a doubt, the 5Ds R is a fabolous camera. With over 70 lenses in its EF lineup – there is a lens for every situation. The image quality is incredible and you get all the benefits of the Canon platform

One downside is, the images at full RAW are coming off the camera at around 70mb. If you are working on an older laptop, you better be ready to upgrade.
Get ready with the multiple high speed CF Cards. You might expecting 1TB memory cards to come out sooner…


Photo & text by Wisnu Haryo Yudhanto, Event Photographer in Singapore.
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