HDR Photography: Welcome to Chinatown 2050

BEHIND THE LENS – Chinatown Singapore

At Chinatown area in Singapore. The temple called Tooth Relic Temple.

8PM when the laser show at the top of the building started. The laser was a big bonus! I did not expect that. I was about to go home when I saw the laser on the top of the building showed. Luckily, my camera is still on my tripod. I continued to stay and shoot several images again with the lasers.

No flash and lightings that I used. This is natural light, but I combined three to four different exposure images together to balance the shadows and highlights area in Photoshop with masking technique.

I used my Canon EOS 5D Mark II with my old Sigma 15-30mm. Also because this was long exposure, tripod and cable release is a must to keep my camera steady.

My concept was trying to combined East and West culture as well as The tradition and Futuristic theme. Singapore know to be the Asian country that keep the old tradition together with the modern development balance in harmony. I saw this location and thinking that this is a good location to shoot and I had to walk around and climbed up to the residential apartment to find this angle.

Yes. First was image adjustment in Lightroom. I shot in RAW so it’s easier for me to get the colour and tone that I wanted. Then after getting the right exposure, I exported to JPEG, I combined three or four different image exposures together to achieve this HDR effect with masking technique.

In my camera bag
For landscape and cityscape, besides my work horse EOS 5D Mark II body, I always have my ultra wide angle lens Sigma 15-30mm, shutter cable release and tripod. I don’t use any filters during the shooting.

HDR in my opinion it’s not about the super crazy overkill post processing look. I’m not against post processing. Shooting and post processing for me is like one package, but The point of HDR imaging is to make the image look more natural. You just have to know when to stop.


All photos & text by Wisnu Haryo Yudhanto, Singapore Event Photographer
Copyright © 2015 w1snu.com | all rights reserved.

As seen in Viewbug as the finalist of HDR Photography contest and the winner of staff favorite


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